6 Simple Tips For People With Dry Skin

Last modified: Friday, May 17, 2019

Daisy Marie Clay

Author: Daisy Marie Clay

Problem skin, it’s an issue we’ve all had to deal with at least once in our life and for many of us it’s a constant battle to maintain a healthy, happy complexion.

For those of us with a dry skin type, information on how to care for your skin can be especially difficult to come by, but as with all skin types, following a few simple tips can may a whole world of difference to your face.

Dry Skin Tips:

Pick The Right Moisturizer

For dry skin sufferers, moisturizer is your best friend. However, not all moisturizers are suited to certain skin types, and dry skin needs a more heavy-duty dose of moisture than others. The first key tip to picking the right moisturizer is to read the packaging. Many moisturizers will say what skin type they are designed for; dry skin sufferers need to keep an eye out for packaging marked “dry/sensitive” or “normal to dry skin”.

Another great way to decide whether or not a moisturizer is suitable for dry skin is to look at the texture/consistency. People on the dryer end of the skin scale need to be using thicker, richer, cream-like moisturizers (leave the light moisturizers for the normal to oily). If your moisturizer is gel-like, runny or translucent in appearance, ditch it and grab yourself a thicker, creamier formula.

Avoid Hot Water

A nice, hot shower can soothe all manner of troubles, unfortunately, dry skin is not one of them, in fact quite the opposite. Hot water is notorious for drying out even normal skin types, so combined with skin that is already crying out for some moisture.. not good. Now we aren’t suggesting you cut out all hot water, just ease up on it when it comes to your face. If you like hot showers, try to cut down on how long you spend in them.

When it comes to your face, using water from the bathroom sink allows you to more carefully monitor the temperature. Lukewarm to warm water is ideal for dryer complexions.

Avoid Harsh, Foaming Cleaners (Or Toners)

When it comes to cleansers and acne toners there are countless different types to choose from, but there are some that those with dry skin need to avoid like the plague. While a foaming face wash may seem like it’s cleaning deep down into your pores, what it is actually doing is stripping every last ounce of natural oil and moisture your skin has.

Creamy cleansers labelled “gentle” and/or “alcohol free” are much more suited those dryer, dehydrated faces.

Be Gentle

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you have dry skin, is to be gentle! Our skin is delicate, and when lacking moisture, has less elasticity making it much less forgiving. Being gentle with your skin applies to all areas of you skincare routine.

When your face is dry and flaky it can be tempting to scrub away at it, but switch the harsh, gritty exfoliators for gentle mircobeads or a mild chemical exfoliant once a week and your skin will thank you for it.


Use Products Designed For Dry/Sensitive Skin

There are a myriad of skincare lines available today, that are specifically designed for dryer skin types, to suit every budget. A simple trip to your nearest drugstore will reveal a whole range of products designed to manage dry skin. If you’re struggling to decipher the jargon, just look out for words like ‘rich’, ‘creamy’ and ‘gentle’. Unfragranced products are also a good idea, to lower to risk of irritation.

If over the counter products just aren’t helping, a trip to the doctor or a chat with your pharmacist can introduce you to stronger treatments such as emollient oil-based creams and topical steroids.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

It’s very easy to want to buy every new line of expensive products promising fantastic things for you skin, but the main thing your skin will positively respond to is simplicity and consistency. Overwhelming your face with too many lotions and potions will only aggravate it.

Stick to a simple regime, using the same products. Cleanse a maximum of twice a day and avoid anything with harsh chemicals or fragrances.

Stick to the basics so your dry skin doesn’t ruin your life!