6 Simple Tips For People With Combination Skin

Last modified: Friday, May 17, 2019

Daisy Marie Clay

Author: Daisy Marie Clay

Combination skin is perhaps the most common skin type there is, but is notoriously tricky to care for. Characterized by two or more skin types, (most often an oily t-zone and dry to normal cheeks) it can be difficult to cater to all areas of the face, however the following six tips will help you become a combination sensation!

Combination Skin Tips:

Don’t Use Just One Product

Growing up we are always told not to overwhelm our skin with too many products, which is a valid point. However, when it comes to combination skin, using just one product can leave certain areas of the face deprived of what they need.

For the T-Zone make sure to use light, oil-free/mattifying moisturizers to avoid clogging pores and manage oil production. For normal or dryer areas of the face such as the cheeks, look for moisturizers with a slightly thicker, more nourishing consistency to forgo flaky, dull looking skin.

Look For Products Designed For Your Skin

There is a whole array of products on the market specifically designed for combination skin and while it can be tempting to bombard your skin with everything you can to get it under control, simplicity really is the key. Look for products marked “balancing” to help achieve a more stable and manageable complexion. Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser

Consistency Is Key

Once you’ve found products that are suited to your skin, your next step in maintaining combination skin is simply being consistent. Make sure you give your skin plenty of time with a basic routine before expecting miraculous results. Avoid changing products too frequently and try to stick to a basic daily skincare routine; cleanse, tone, moisturize.

Target Oily And Acne Prone Areas

One common problem experienced by those with combination skin is an oily, acne prone T-Zone, (insert picture demonstrating T-Zone?). While it may be tempting to deprive this area of moisture or over cleanse with harsh astringents in order to dry it out, this will likely trigger more oil production as your skin overcompensates.

Using topical acne treatments with Salicylic Acid will help treat breakouts, and mattifying moisturizers and primers will help control oil production throughout the day.

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Exfoliate And Cleanse *Gently*

Combination skin can be particularly temperamental, in order to not aggravate it, we must treat it with tender loving care. Both exfoliating and cleansing are key elements in treating any skin type, but when it comes to combination skin being gentle is something to remember.

Mild acid based exfoliators, such as some benzoyl peroxide products, are the ideal option when it comes to combination skin, to ensure healthy cell turnover. Exfoliant scrubs can also be used, but make sure to avoid scrubs with harsh, thick grit as they can be damaging to the skin. With cleansers, it is important to stick to gentle, alcohol-free options used a maximum of twice a day.

Toner Is KEY

Toner is a very important step in the treatment of combination skin, perhaps more so than any skin type. After cleansing, a toner helps rebalance your skin’s PH, something that can be unbalanced already in combination skin. Skipping this step can lead to outbreaks of dryness, oiliness and greater susceptibility to acne-causing bacteria.