Hello and welcome to TameYourSkin. I'm Daisy, and like you I suffered with my skin for years 😒

Hi. This is me!

After suffering with my skin since my teens, years went by and I had spent thousands on products that were supposed to help. I tried changing my diet. I tried every tip and trick. Yep... I was desperate. 🤣

Nothing worked. -

Nothing worked until I stopped listening to the recommendations of the *sponsored* vlogs and fake affiliate blogs out there. I started reading about the science...

Once I started to read about the science of our skin, how different vitamins and chemicals effect our skin and how that matters for different skin types I started to see almost immediate results. Not even joking. I could have cried. 🤧

I started TameYourSkin to help other people like me, people who didn't have a lot of money but still spent their last dime trying to find a solution. For people who don't want to spend more years of their life being miserable because of bad skin...

The skincare industry is broken. We're here to fix it. So join me and finally tame your skin!

The mission is simple: to help people improve their skin by providing science-backed solutions that work. 👊👊👊

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Thanks for reading,
Daisy ✨💖💕